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About Us

Hi, I’m Sam.  I’ve always loved the chemical sciences. 


As a kid I spent my weekends mixing, experimenting and singeing my eyebrows.  It’s little wonder I became a primary science specialist teacher.

Whilst I no-longer singe my eyebrows, my passion for the sciences hasn’t changed.  I started this business to make fulfilling the chemical sciences curriculum easier for teachers (and because teaching the chemical sciences is heaps of fun).

So many teachers find teaching science - especially the chemical sciences - challenging.  It can be.  The curriculum is crowded, teaching science means extra research, planning and materials and hey, we’ve all felt the panic when an experiment doesn’t quite work as we planned! 


All our programs are hands on, engaging and more than a little fun (and our experiments always work!)

My team and I are privileged to get to share our knowledge and passion for the chemical sciences with thousands of excited children each year. 


We look forward to working with your students soon.

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