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Science Incursions

The best way to learn science is to do science!

Choose from our exciting hands-on science incursions that explore the Chemical Sciences: Super Science, Mad Scientists and Giant Bubbles. 

Super Science

Recommended for Grades K-6 and can be adapted for Special Needs.

Have the camera ready to capture your students’ expressions as they catch the fog from dry ice, make polymer slime and launch fizz rockets.  Experimenting is the perfect way to explore scientific inquiry and cause and effect; we make it hands-on and fun!

This hands-on incursion allows your students to experience a range of different chemistry experiments and discover the properties of everyday materials. This is the perfect fun, interactive incursion to explore classification, change and how the properties of materials affects their use. 


Please let us know when booking if there is a particular focus that you would like us to cover. With your permission, students may leave with a small bag of slime: we will discuss this with you prior to the incursion. 

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Freezing Warm and Boiling Cold

Recommended for Grades 3-6.

Your students will be wowed as we create waterfalls of sinking clouds and experiment with dry ice!

In this hands-on exploration of how adding and removing heat affects materials, students will generate hypotheses, explore reversible and irreversible changes and investigate changes of state.

You students will be challenged to use their newly-acquired knowledge in our ice-cube challenge, where they use their knowledge and our selection of materials to help save their ice cube from a warm bath!

This is the perfect topic for investigating either the chemical or physical sciences curriculum.  

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Science Kids.jpg
Giant Bubbles

Recommended for Grades K-6

Experience the wonder of giant, floating orbs, fog filled boo bubbles, bubbles lighter than air and even sticky, touchable bubbles.

We teach your students to become bubble magicians as well as scientists and students are encouraged to develop a hypotheses about their experiments and how the bubbles work.

This is the perfect, hands-on incursion to experiment with change, cause and effect and how materials are used. 

Please let us know if there is a particular focus that you would like us to cover when you book.


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Aligned to your teaching

Our programs are teacher-delivered, complement the curriculum and come with free pre- and post-incursion resources.   We’re experienced in teaching from kinder to VCE and will work with you to tailor our visit to your focus.

We utilise students’ natural curiosity to drive discovery learning, as well as a range of teaching techniques to ensure maximum engagement, participation and interaction.

Excellent Value

Our competitive pricing structure is excellent value for money and includes all consumables; there are no hidden surcharges for dry ice etc. here!

  • Minimum callout: (includes up to two sessions, with up to 50 children in total) $545 + GST. 

  • 3+ sessions $275 + GST per session.

Important stuff
  • Each session runs for 60 minutes.  We can adapt to fit 50 minute timetables if required..

  • Numbers are limited to one class (approximately 25 students) per session, to enable maximum participation and meaningful hands-on time with our experiments.

  • We require the use of an indoor space with a hard floor, such as an art room, multipurpose room or double-classroom, preferably with nearby access to water and a sink.

  • We will arrive at least 45 minutes prior to the beginning of the session to set up.

  • We have full public liability insurance.

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Terms and Conditions:

An estimation of the total cost of the incursion will be made based on current or projected student numbers at the time of booking.  Cancellations made 5 or less business days before the date of the incursion will be charged for 50% of the estimated cost of the incursion.

Schools 40KM+ from Melbourne may incur a travel surcharge, please discuss this with us when you book.

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